Where will your story’s journey take you?

Where will your Story take you?

Your story is best when there are no limits to the possibilities of where it can go.

In the air

You got a problem? We have the solution. No matter the job, there’s a good chance we can get it done from above. Need to survey land? We’ve got you covered. Need to take photos for insurance purposes? Done. Want to film your kid’s birthday party in 4k at 60fps? Say no more.

Drones are versatile machines that are capable of doing all sorts of things that would otherwise be pretty difficult to accomplish or cost lots of money and time to complete. With drones on the case, these tasks can be completed in record times, and with an unmatched quality that surpasses most traditional methods of gathering data or taking images/videos.

On the ground

  • Gimbal: A device that allows for smooth camera movement.
  • Drone: An aircraft without a human pilot aboard, controlled by a remote or automated program.
  • Slider: A device that enables you to move the camera across a track smoothly.
  • Dolly: A platform on rails or wheels used to support and move the camera.
  • Jib: Elevates and moves the camera through space, usually in an arc.
  • Timelapse and hyperlapse: Types of photography designed to capture change over time, with timelapses capturing regular intervals (for example, every 5 seconds) and hyper lapses capturing irregular intervals (for example, every 5 seconds while walking).
  • Motion control: Automatically moves the camera in any direction at any speed.
  • Tripod

Under water

Underwater filming is different from filming on land or in the air.

Anyone who has ever seen a wildlife TV show knows that many animals live in water. If you are interested in wildlife filmmaking, then you need to be able to film underwater.

To do this, you will need to use waterproof cameras and be very comfortable swimming and diving. You may also need special training. For example, if the water is cold or polluted, then you may need special training for your safety.

We are able to provide aerial, ground, and underwater video.

Unlike other services, we’re able to provide video from every level. Whether you need footage from the air, ground, or sea, we have you covered.

Our team is highly skilled in aerial videography. We’ve been shooting drone footage since before drones were even a thing and are certified by the FAA for Part 107 sUAS! You can trust us with your project when it comes to the air.

Ground is another area of expertise that we don’t take lightly. We always bring a large selection of high-quality cameras and lenses to any shoot so that we can capture the perfect shot no matter what comes our way.

Underwater shoots are some of our favorites because they give us an opportunity to go somewhere none of our competitors ever dare go: underwater! We are divers that carefully choose only the best equipment to ensure that each shot has the highest quality possible before it’s handed over to you.

If there is more specific content that you enjoy hearing about, feel free to reach out and let me know. What topics are you most interested in hearing?

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