Top 3 Factors for Quoting a Video Production Project

Top 3 Factors for quoting a video production project


Every video production project has its own unique set of requirements and variables. While there are many things to consider when quoting a project, these three factors tend to be the most important:

What Are You Dreaming Up?

The scope of a project is the whole project, including all the assets. It’s important to think about what type of video you want to create and how it will be used. For example, if you’re creating an explainer video for your website that explains how your product works, you’d need different assets than if you were creating an animated cartoon series on YouTube.

If you have several products or services to advertise, then it may be helpful to have separate videos for each one so they’re not all mixed together in one promotional piece. If there’s no clear reason why choosing one over another would make more sense, then consider whether any specific part stands out as more interesting or memorable than another—that could help determine which topic deserves its own separate piece instead of being included within another larger production such as an animated explainer video with voiceover narration or something similar

Your Timeline Matters

Once you’ve collected all the information from your client, it’s time to create a timeline. The timeline is very important for budgeting, planning, and scheduling because it gives you an idea of which parts of the project will take longer than others. It also helps you stay organized by knowing how long every stage of production will last.

Resources are Essential

The third factor to consider when quoting a video production project would be the resources needed. In other words, how many people, equipment, and location will you need to make your dream come to life?

  • Number of People: How many people do you need for your shoot? This can be somewhat subjective depending on the type of shoot (documentary vs. corporate) and what type of shoot it is (studio vs. on-location). But in general: if it’s a small production where only one or two crew members are needed, you’ll have fewer expenses than with an elaborate commercial with dozens of extras involved.

  • Equipment: If you’re planning on doing something that requires special equipment or props—such as renting a drone camera or using green screens—you’ll want to know ahead of time how much those items cost so you can budget accordingly when quoting your client. Also, keep in mind any permits required by city officials before using certain locations like public parks or beaches; these may also cost extra money since they must be paid upfront before any filming can begin.

  • Location: Where will this video be shot? This can sometimes affect whether or not additional permits might be required along with any location fees if applicable. On occasions, it takes multiple days or locations to complete a project and it is great to factor this in ahead of time.

Time, resources, and scope are the top three factors that determine the price of a video production project.

Time, resources, and scope are the top three factors that determine the price of a video production project.

Time is the most important factor in determining the cost of a project. The more time you have available for filming, editing, and post-production, the more expensive your video will be per day. If you only have a small window of time to shoot and edit your film, then it’s likely that it will cost more per day than if you had more free time during these phases of post-production.

Resources are also an important consideration when quoting a job because it helps us understand how much equipment we need to use during filming and editing stages. For example: if we’re filming on location at a busy event venue with lots of people around (such as at Disneyland), then there may be additional costs associated with getting access to certain areas or hiring security guards who will keep everyone safe while we work nearby. Also, consider whether or not special equipment is needed such as drones, which require extra licenses and permits before using them legally.


Hopefully, this article has given you an overview of the top three factors that affect the price of video production projects. Time, resources, and scope are all important considerations when quoting a video production job. If you have any questions or comments about our pricing model, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!

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