Our Mission.
Golden Aspen Films is a video production company that is on a mission to impact the world through visual storytelling.

Dream. Create. Serve.

Dream Big.
Dare to dream up possibilities that nobody has.

We are Creators.
Creativity is in the foundation of who we are. We believe, whether you know it or not, you were destined to create.

Live to Serve.
We believe our clients deserve only our best.

Our videos not only serve our clients but also have a global purpose. A portion of the profits directly supports our team on mission trips and outreaches.

Our Journey.

We start by dreaming up possibilities and vision casting ideas that will create a unique story to your specific needs. We listen to your goals and create a solution to begin the foundation of our production process. An estimate/contract will be sent to you for approval. After receiving approval for your specialized project we begin logistics and scouting for production.
We assemble our experienced team to capture your story with attention and detail to all areas from lighting, audio, staging, and filming. Then we film the content that best supports your unique storyline that we collaborated on during preproduction.
This is where the artistry of filmmaking begins to shine and your story comes to life. During this stage we polish out blemishes and prepare every second of the video with intentionality. Some revisions may be made during this part of the process before delivering digital downloads of your unique project.
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